About Us


BLA is a small, full-service literary agency with a select list of clients. Sitting smack dab in the middle of the greater metro Denver area, we work with the large houses in New York and mid-size and small publishers all over the country. We represent BOOKS, not screenplays or theatrical plays.      

Sandra Bond started her agency in Denver (a native!) many, many moons ago. She and associate agent Becky LeJeune work with both first-time and previously-published authors, and their clients write adult fiction in various genres, young adult fiction, and many categories of nonfiction. They do not represent romance, poetry, children's picture books or screenplays.


Sandra was the program administrator at the University of Denver's Publishing Institute for 4 years (2005-2009), and she is now an annual guest lecturer at the Institute. 

She is interested in adult commercial and literary fiction,  mystery/thriller/crime fiction, and YA fiction in all categories. She does not represent romance, adult science fiction, adult fantasy, poetry, children's picture books, or screenplays. In nonfiction, she is interested in narrative, science for a general audience, business and history, and authors must have great credentials, real expertise in their subject area, and some kind of platform from which they can actively promote their books. Please note: she is no longer accepting memoir.


Becky met Sandra at the Denver Publishing Institute when she was a student there in 2007. After DPI, she spent 2 years working as the managing editor for a cookbook imprint, and then 5 years as an acquisitions editor at The History Press before joining Sandra at BLA in 2014.   

She is interested in adult and teen general fiction, horror, mystery/thriller, historical fiction, science fiction,  and fantasy.